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The global state of digital identity 

Episode 14

John Erik Setsaas, Identity Architect, Signicat
Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Identity, Aust. Govt. Digital Transformation Agency

23 May  |  29 mins

We take a look at the global state of digital identity. From the West we hear from John Erik Setsaas, Identity Architect at Signicat and from the East we hear from Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Identity at the Australian Govt. Digital Transformation Agency.

John Erik Setsaas shares how financial institutions can position themselves at the centre of this technology shift, the opportunities to banks for investing within this space and some great examples of institutions that are leading in market.

Jonathon Thorpe explains the next phase of work for the Digital Identity Framework, the organisations that they are partnering with to implement their solutions and how they build trust and mitigate against risks for consumers.

John Erik Setsass, Identity Architect, Signicat

"The most valuable natural resource today is data."

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Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Identity, Aust. Govt. Digital Transformation Agency

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"We are currently talking to the financial network and the major banks around what the potential opportunities look like for them. Examples could include being an identity provider based on their existing customer base and relationships (KYC), things like financial attribute verification and services that access digital identity as well. There is a range of roles that banks could potentially play in providing a digital identity ecosystem."

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