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Episode 1: Banks vs. FinTechs - has the pendulum swung back?

7 Mar  |  19 mins

Guest: Charles Green, CEO, RFi Group

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Episode 2: Can value trump trust? How digital-only providers can position themselves as a MFI for consumers

7 Mar  |  28 mins

Guests: Anne Boden, CEO, Starling Bank (UK) and Eric Wilson, CEO, Xinja (AU)

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Episode 3: Differentiator or hygiene factor? Where consumers stand on chatbots and virtual assistants globally

7 Mar  |  29 mins

Guests: Pete Steel, Executive General Manager - Digital, Commonwealth Bank and Alan Shields, Managing Director - Consulting, RFi Group

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Episode 4: Changing the game in cross-border payments

14 Mar  | 34 mins

Guests: Andrew Boyajian, Head of Banking - The Americas, Transferwise, Jack Zhang, CEO & Founder, Airwallex and Eleanor Page, Group Commercial Director, RFi Group

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Episode 5: Money 2020 Asia special - Part one

21 Mar  | 17 mins

Guests: Brett King, Founder & Executive Chairman, Moven and Kristo Kaarmann, Founder & CEO, Transferwise

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Episode 6: The rise of biometrics within banking

28 Mar  | 22 mins

Guests: Chris Barwick, Head of Digital & Innovation, ING Australia and Cyrielle Chiron, General Manager - North & Latin America, RFi Group

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Episode 7: Money 2020 Asia - part two

4 Apr  | 8 mins

Guests: Phil Pomford, General Manager, Global eCommerce - APAC, Worldpay

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Episode 8: The consumer view of a cashless society & the payments proposition in an ever-changing landscape

11 Apr  | 30 mins

Guests: Kristy Duncan, Founder & CEO, Women in Payments and Victoria Bateman, General Manager - EMEA, RFi Group

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Episode 9: Driving daily digital engagement - A global perspective on personal finance management tools

17 Apr  | 40 mins

Guests: Gerald Ferguson, GM - Asia Pacfic, RFi Group; David Judic, Head of Customer Innovation, CYBG and Bosco Tan, Founder & COO, Pocketbook.

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Episode 10: Lendit Fintech USA special

25 Apr  | 31 mins

Guests: Nicolas Kopp, U.S. CEO, N26, Cyrielle Chiron, Managing Director - North & Latin America, RFi Group, Ray Peloso, Principal & CEO, Katabat and Ankush Tewari, Senior Director, Market Planning, LexisNexis Risk Solutions  

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Episode 11: Becoming a Unicorn - Investment advice for emerging FinTechs

2 May  | 24 mins

Guests: Cristina Alba Ochoa, CFO, OakNorth and Toby Heap, Founding Partner, H2 Ventures

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Episode 12: Financial inclusion & the leap frog effect of banking in developing markets

9 May  | 25 mins

Guests: Dare Okoudjou, CEO, MFS Africa and Melissa Guzy, Founder & Managing Partner, Arbor Ventures

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Episode 13: The profitability to banks for payments within messaging apps

16 May  |  32 mins

Guests: Marieke Flament, CMO, Circle, Dr. Mathew McDougall, President, Australia China Daigou Assocation and Charles Green, CEO, RFi Group

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Episode 15: The future of conversational AI - a case study on Clinc

30 May  |  11 mins

Guests: Helen Yu, Chief Growth Officer, Clinc and Patrick Sinicropi, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Clinc

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Episode 16: Money 20/20 Europe - Day One

5 June  |  32 mins

Guests: Pat Patel, Content Director, Money 2020 Europe & Asia, Ann Cairns, Vice Chairman, Mastercard, Ralph Hamers, CEO, ING Group, Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Maximilian Tayenthal, Co-Founder & CFO, N26

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Episode 18: Money 20/20 Europe - Day Three

7 June  |  25 mins

Guests: Ricky Knox, Founder, Tandem, Victoria Bateman, Managing Director - EMEA, RFi Group, Ghela Boskovich, Founder, FemTechGlobal and Labhesh Patel, CTO & Chief Scientist, Jumio Corporation

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Episode 19: MoneyConf Dublin - Part One

13 June  |  29 mins

Guests: Kenneth Lin, Founder & CEO, Credit Karma, Charlie Mortimer, Co-Founder, Moneybox, André Lyver, Director of Engineering, Shopify and Nathan Gill, Vice President, Head of Solutions at Verifone Europe

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Episode 20: MoneyConf Dublin - Part Two

15 June  |  16 mins

Guests: Mary Kay Bowman, Head of Payments, Square, Mollie Pearse, Head of Financial Services Marketing, EMEA, Facebook and Rob Frohwein, Co-founder & Kabbagehead, Kabbage

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Episode 21: Winning the Post-PSD2 Customer

20 June  |  32 mins

Guests: Victoria Bateman, Managing Director - EMEA, RFi Group, Pascal Nizri, CEO, Chekk, Steve Weston, Co-Founder & CEO, Volt Bank

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Episode 22: What SMEs Want - Shifting the Service Model

29 June  |  27 mins

Guests: Katrin Herrling, CEO & Co-Founder, Funding Xchange & Kirk Simpson, CEO & Co-Founder, Wave

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Episode 23: The Cutting Edge of Competition - Staying Relevant

4 July  |  14 mins

Guests: Alan Shields, Chief Product Officer, RFi Group, Kate Cooper, Head of Innovation & Group Methodology, Westpac and George Lawson, Country Manager AU & NZ, Alipay

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Episode 25: Bricks to clicks - addressing evolving customer needs in Canada

18 July  |  22 mins

Guests: Rania Llewellyn, Executive Vice President, Global Business Payments, Scotiabank and Andrew Irvine, Head of Customer Solutions, Canadian Personal & Business Banking, BMO Financial Group

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Episode 26: Growth continues in Asia's next FinTech hub

25 July  |  15 mins

Guest: Thorsten Terweiden, Deputy Head of FinTech, InvestHK

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Episode 27: Ensuring consumer comfortability in an open banking environment

1 August |  13 mins

Guest: Leon Muis, Chief Operating Officer, Yolt

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Episode 28: The current and future drivers for obtaining main bank status

8 August |  25 mins

Guest: Michael Jordaan, CEO, Bank Zero & Gerald Ferguson, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, RFi Group

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Episode 29: PFM tools - beyond categorisation and pie charts

16 August |  21 mins

Guest: Peter Myatt, CEO & Founder, Bean 

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Episode 30: New payments players - where did they all come from?

22 August |  16 mins

Guest: Eleanor Page, Global Commercial Director, RFi Group

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Episode 31: Driving your mobile banking strategy - what success looks like to consumers

29 August |  15 mins

Guest: Cyrielle Chiron, Managing Director - North & Latin America, RFi Group

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Episode 32: Cyber Security - the key risk areas not to be overlooked by banks

5 September  |  14 mins

Guest: Francis Kaitano, Cyber Security Lead Architect, Fusion Networks

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Episode 33: UK mortgage market - what's trending now?

12 September  |  20 mins

Guest: Victoria Bateman, Managing Director - EMEA, RFi Group and John Coffield, Head of Mortgages, Paradigm Mortgage Services

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Episode 34: Personalisation - The key to winning mortgage customers in Canada

19 September  |  12 mins

Guest: Cyrielle Chiron, Managing Director - North & Latin America, RFi Group

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Episode 35: Winning the customer of the future 

26 September  |  32 mins

Guests: Suvo Sarkar, SVP & Head of Retail Banking at Emirates NBD, Maha El Dimachki, Head of Payments at the FCA, Daniel Kjellen, CEO and Founder at Tink, Jonathan Wood, SVP, Consumer Applications at Mastercard and Neal Cross, MD & Chief Innovation Officer at DBS Bank

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Episode 36: Value over utilities - AI, self-service and digital advice

3 October  |  12 mins

Guests: Michelle Joliat, MD & Head of Wealth Digitization, Robotics & Process Transformation, BMO Financial Group and Jason Daly, VP Product, Digital & Strategy, Manulife

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Episode 38: The Canadian insurance market - primed for disruption

17 October  |  12 mins

Guest: Cyrielle Chiron, Managing Director - North & Latin America, RFi Group

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Episode 37: Perfecting the business banking lifecycle

10 October  |  14 mins

Guests: Ganesh Chandrasekkar, General Manager - SME Banking, Westpac, Raymond Ma, General Manager - AU & NZ, Alibaba Cloud & Tania Motton, Customer Executive NAB Partners Southern, NAB

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Episode 41: Part two - SIBOS 2018 special

2 November  |  21 mins

Guests: Thomas Nielsen, Chief Digital Officer, Deutsche Bank, Peter Jose, General Manager, SAP and Jan Pilbauer, Executive Director of Modernisation and CIO, Payments Canada.  

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Episode 39: Business sentiment and expansion into ASEAN markets

24 October  |  9 mins

Guest: Eleanor Page, Global Commercial Director, RFi Group

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Episode 40: Enabling the digital economy - SIBOS 2018 special

31 October  |  23 mins

Guests: Leila Fourie, Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Payments Network, Madhur Deora - CFO & SVP at Paytm and Alain Raes, Head of Asia Pacific & EMEA at SWIFT

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Episode 42: Future of payments - opportunities in the Canadian market

7 November  |  15 mins

Guests: Cyrielle Chiron, Managing Director for North & Latin America, RFi Group and Lisa Lansdowne-Higgins, VP Business Deposits and Treasury Solutions, RBC

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Episode 43: Emerging digital needs of corporates

14 November  |  10 mins

Guest: Gerald Ferguson, Managing Director Asia Pacific RFi Group

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Episode 14: The global state of digital identity

23 May  |  29 mins

Guests: John Erik Setsass, Identity Architect, Signicat & Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Identity, Aust. Govt. Digital Transformation Agency

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Episode 44: Financial needs of SME's in Australia

21 November  |  24 mins

Guests: Beau Bertoli, Co-Founder & Joint CEO at Prospa, Kate Wilson, Research Director – ANZ, RFi Group

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Episode 45: Digital innovation in Asia - omni-digital, international remittance and the rise of super apps

28 November  |  26 mins

Guests: Jonathan Koh, Head, Affluent Segment, OCBC Bank, Reyna Jung, Product Marketing Lead, Facebook, Rahul Bhargava, Director, Payments Markets Initiatives, SWIFT, Aik-Phong Ng, Managing Director, Fave Singapore, Louis Liu, CEO, FOMO Pay

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Episode 46: The 5 driving factors to winning customer loyalty in Canada with Mastercard

5 December  |  6 mins

Guest: Jeremy Bornstein, SVP, Advisors, Loyalty and New Partnerships at Mastercard in Canada

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Episode 47: Truly Transparent Payment Reporting – a Bank and FinTech Partnership

12 December  |  17 mins

Guests: Luke Campbell, Acting General Manager, Unsecured Lending, NAB and David Washbrook, Co-Founder, Look Who's Charging

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Episode 51: From humble beginnings to becoming the world's largest fully online bank - The story of Tinkoff

30 January  |  13 mins

GuestGeorge Chesakov, Head of New Ecosystem Products and CEO of Tinkoff Mobile, Tinkoff Bank

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Episode 48: Driving customer engagement through digital transformation - 3 case studies across 3 banks

19 December  |  29 mins

Guests: Chris Wilkinson, Head of Digital Strategy, Metro Bank, Søren Rode Andreasen, Chief Digital Officer, Danske Bank, Sohail Raja, Head of Execution Platforms & UK Chief Digital Officer, Société Générale

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Episode 49: How Open Banking is redefining the SME & Commercial Banking Proposition

16 January  |  30 mins

Guests: Richard Davies, Commercial Banking Director, TSB and Oliver Prill, CEO, Tide

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Episode 50: Customer insights: The biggest banking and FS trends for 2019

23 January  |  21 mins

Guests: Victoria Bateman, Managing Director - EMEA, RFi Group and Gerald Ferguson, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, RFi Group

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Episode 52: Capify's growth plans post Goldman Sachs funding - An awakened focus on SMEs

6 February  |  13 mins

Guest: David Goldin, Founder, President & CEO, Capify

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Episode 53: Investing in AI and the Importance of Personalisation

13 February  |  21 mins

Guests: Nathan Snell, CIO, nCino and Todd Copeland, SVP, Head of Digital Channels, TD

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Episode 55: The Journey to Profitability – The OakNorth success story

26 February  |  10 mins

Guest: Joel Perlman, Co-Founder, OakNorth

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Episode 54: How to Achieve Banking Success in 2019: Disruption, Engagement and what Consumers really want

20 February  |  35 mins

Guest: Jim Marous, Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand

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Episode 56: Why heightened customer expectations are driving Buy Now Pay Later Services in Australia

6 March  |  29 mins

Guests: Tommy Mermelshtayn, Chief Strategy Officer, ZipMoney and Kate Wilson, Research Director - AU & NZ, RFi Group

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Episode 57: An awakened focus on the business customer

13 March  |  40 mins

Guests: Andy Booth, Managing Director, Business Banking, Barclays, Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise and Community Finance, RBS, Melinda Roylett, Head of Europe, Square, Stuart Doignie, Head of SME Lending, Starling Bank, Mark Bernhardi, General Manager APAC, nCino, Inc

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Episode 58: The future of marketplace

20 March  |  14 mins

Guest: Ed Maslaveckas, CEO and Co-Founder, Bud

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Episode 59: Trust, simplicity and transparency – a winning recipe for home lending

27 March  |  25 mins

Guests: Gerald Ferguson, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, RFi Group, Katherine Bray, MD Customer Engagement, ANZ, Angus Gilfillan, EGM Consumer Lending, National Australia Bank, Andy Rigg, Deputy CEO, Xinja

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Episode 60: Women in payments in the UK

3 April  |  28 mins

Guests: Charlotte Duerden, UK Country Manager at American Express; Jackie Keogh, Senior Vice President, Western Union Business Solutions; Lisa Neary, Head of Payment Schemes and Transformation at The Co-operative Bank and Kristy Duncan, CEO and Founder of Women in Payments.

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Episode 61: Opportunities in payments in sme banking in Canada

10 April  |  28 mins

Guests: Tracy Black, Executive Director - Modernization at Payments Canada; Jason Charlebois, SVP Small Business Scotiabank and Paul Parisi, President at Paypal Canada. 

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Episode 62: Delivering game-changing innovation

7 May  |  18 mins

Guest: Benoît LeGrand, Chief Innovation Officer at ING & CEO of ING Ventures 

In this week's episode we discuss all things innovation. Benoît shares the key to how ING delivers game-changing innovation, how to identify true value in partnerships, how to deploy a culture of innovation throughout a large organisation and which of the emerging technologies ING will be investing in for the year ahead.

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Episode 63: Continued growth amongst UK's challengers

23 May  |  24 mins

Guests: Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, Managing Director, Funding Options; Jaidev Janardana, CEO & Board Member, Zopa and Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO, Bankable.   

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Episode 64: Money 20/20 Europe - Part 1

12 June  |  22 mins

Guest: Des McDaid, Managing Director - Marcus, Goldman Sachs; Josh Bottomley, Global Head of Digital, HSBC; Bill Gajda, SVP Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa

This month we have an exciting two part Money 20/20 Europe special covering several of the thought leaders from the recent event in Amsterdam. 

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Episode 65: Money 20/20 Europe - Part 2

27 June  |  23 mins

Guests: Jim Wadsworth, SVP Open Banking, Mastercard and Dan Phelps, Chief Digital Architect, Travelex

Continuing on from part 1, this episode focuses on innovation and digital transformation from the recent event in Amsterdam. 

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Episode 17: Money 20/20 Europe - Day Two

6 June  |  21 mins

Guests: Sebastian Siemiakowski, CO-Founder & CEO, Klarna, Matthias Kroener, CEO, Fidor Bank, Alain Falys and Micheal Rolph, Co-Founders, Yoyo Wallet and Myles Stephenson, CEO, Modulr

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Episode 68: Revolut's latest offering - Build your own business banking adventure

7 August | 12 mins

Guests: James Gibson, Senior Product Director - Business Banking, Revolut

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Episode 67: Personalisation for SME Banking in Canada

24 July | 10 mins

Guests: Michael Denham, President & CEO, Business Development Bank of Canada

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Episode 66: Value drivers for Open Banking in the US

11 July | 23 mins

Guests: Imran Haider, Head of Open Banking, Wells Fargo and Susan French, Head of Product, BBVA Open Platform, BBVA US

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