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Episode 58: The future of marketplace

20 March  |  14 mins

Guest: Ed Maslaveckas, CEO and Co-Founder, Bud

This week, we caught up with Ed Maslaveckas, CEO and Co-Founder of Bud to discuss their plans off the back of their recent funding round, how they identify which partnerships will add true value to clients, trends around their consumer data and ways to approach external investment with minimal scarring.

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Episode 56: Why heightened customer expectations are driving Buy Now Pay Later services in Australia

6 March  |  29 mins

Guests: Tommy Mermelshtayn, Chief Strategy Officer, ZipMoney and Kate Wilson, Research Director, RFi Group

This week we take at look at how heightened customer expectations are really driving Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services across the Australian and New Zealand Markets.

Guests include Tommy Mermelshtayn, Chief Strategy Officer at Zip Money and Kate Wilson, Research Director – Australia and New Zealand at RFi Group.

Tommy shares an overview of the BNPL landscape, ZipMoney's customer centric approach, the impacts of regulation on the market, how they differentiate themselves and what they have planned for the near future.

Kate shares data and insights into the trends within the BNPL space across awareness, usage, demographic variances, channel usage and satisfaction as well as the needs gap behind BNPL services and predictions around whether or not BNPL will displace other credit services available to consumers.

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Episode 57: An awakened focus on the business customer

13 March  |  40 mins

Guests: Andy Booth, Managing Director, Business Banking, Barclays, Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise and Community Finance, RBS, Melinda Roylett, Head of Europe, Square, Stuart Doignie, Head of SME Lending, Starling Bank,
Mark Bernhardi, General Manager APAC, nCino, Inc.

This week is all about SME and business banking across the UK and Europe. We attended the recent Global Business Banking Summit in London entitled “an awakened focus on the business customer’ and our team was on the ground so share key insights, themes and case studies from the event.

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