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Episode 73: Tink's expands to France and beyond

9 December  |  15 mins

Guests: Jerome Albus, Regional Director - France and Benelux - France, Tink

I caught up with Jerome Albus, Country Manager for France at Tink to discuss the organisations' expansion throughout Europe. 

In this episode, we discuss:
- Tink's expansion into France
- The competitive landscape in the French market
- Tink's greatest impacts and contributions to banks in France
- Challenges faced thus far and how Tink have overcome these 
- API's and open data management
- Use cases and customer feedback
- Advice when launching in new markets

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Episode 70: The new banking landscape - Brexit, PSD2 and Consumer Data

11 November  |  25 mins

Guests: Laurent Nizri, Founder & CEO, Paris Fintech Forum

I caught up with Laurent Nizri, CEO & Founder of the Paris Fintech Forum to talk about the diverse European fintech landscape, PSD2 regulation, innovation beyond banking and the future of customer data sharing across banks and retailers.

Laurent also shares some exciting news and speaker announcements for the upcoming Paris Fintech Forum in January 2020.

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Episode 69: An Era of Consent - SCA, Open Banking and Digital Identity

11 October  |  23 mins

Guests: Tony McLaughlin, Head of Emerging Payments, Citi

This years' Sibos event was titled “Thriving in a hyper-connected world,” recognising the growth opportunities available from digital technologies to initiate new platforms, value propositions and business models. As we enter this new digital era powered by APIs, we also enter an era of consumer consent and data compliance. 

I caught up with Tony McLaughlin, Head of Emerging Payments at Citi to talk about the push back on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), how merchants can overcome sales related friction factors once live and how to address two factor authentication for vulnerable customers, who should own digital customer identity with some case studies from around the globe, how the industry is tracking with the monetisation of Open Banking as well as the announcement of Citi's new API's looking to address this. 

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Episode 71: How Australia's newest bank is already benefiting from Open Banking

22 November  |  18 mins

Guests: Robert Bell, CEO, 86 400

 I caught up with Robert Bell, CEO at 86 400 to learn about how they have already begun to drive open banking innovation in Australia.

 In this episode, we discuss:
 - The ways that 86 400 is helping consumers take control of their finances 
- The essential feature to a winning PFM tool
- The future of customer data usage in Australia
- How 86400 is leveraging learnings from Open Banking and PSD2 for success in the Australian market
- The future of paid consumer banking products and services
- The two most important tracking metrics that 86 400 swear by
- The experience of switching role from an incumbent bank to a challenger bank

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Episode 72: A Startup Accelerators guide to business growth and funding success

28 November  |  40 mins

Guests: Eamonn Carey, Managing Director, TechStars UK

I caught up with Eamonn Carey, Managing Director at Techstars UK to learn about the ins & outs of London's startup ecosystem.

In this episode, we discuss:
- The most interesting start-ups in London right now
- The key hurdles for businesses to look out
- The three biggest problems that businesses face as at 2019 and how to address them
- The most important questions to ask when hiring new talent
- The key traits that TechStars look for in founders and how to make your application truly stand out
- The types of funding available & how to identify the most suitable choice for your business
- The differences in approach between seed rounds to series C and beyond
- The right time to appoint an Advisory Board & the best way to approach the conversation
- Some recent case studies from across the market and businesses to watch

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Episode 75 - Paris Fintech Forum 2020 - key trends and new names to watch

117 February |  31 mins

Guests: Laurent Nizri, Founder, Paris Fintech Forum; Stefano Vaccino, Founder, Yapily; Délber Lage, CEO, SalaryFits; Christian Thisted, COO, CreditStretcher 

In this episode, we discuss:

- Investments and overcoming the challenges associated with funding rounds
- Monetisation of open banking
- Trends in the fintech and banking ecosystems from around the world
- The intersection of fintech and social impact
- Push payments and QR codes
- Future of insurtech and wealthtech 

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Episode 74: Banking 2020 - Jim Marous’ predictions for the year ahead

14 January  |  18 mins

Guests: Jim Marous, co-publisher of The Financial Brand, publisher of the Digital Banking Report and one of the top 5 most influential people in banking globally

In this episode, we discuss:

 - Banking transformed - the seamless integration of data and advanced analytics
- New technology and new leadership thinking
- The extent to which consumers are embracing rapid change 
- The importance of personalisation and proactive thinking 
- What relationship management will look like in the future
- The reasons behind the disparity of trust between GIG economy services and new FS services 
- The biggest trends in banking for 2020

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